About the Preacher

From broken and battered to a believing believer with a desire to love others extravagantly! Reverend Gage loves God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. She believes that God is Lord.

Minister Gage knows that she has been called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Likewise, she is called to share the extravagant love of God and Jesus Christ through the writings, prayer, and the preached word.

In her sermonic voice, she seeks to spread the good news that God gives us. In her prayer voice, she seeks to intercede on behalf of those who cross her path.

Her outrageous and outlandish pursuit of God and His will inspires others to do the same. With the generous gifts from God, Reverend Gage has many talents, she seeks daily to use them all to benefit others.

Use her as a motivational tool to find the path God has for you, and then do all that God has called and equipped. If she gives you any advice, it would be to do what scares you the most FIRST and most often.

Out of your obedience, God will bless you.
“Walk where God called you; don’t just stand there!”

Onedia N. Gage has two beautiful children, Hillary and Nehemiah, and is a native Houstonian.

Please feel free to contact her at www.onediagage.com and Onediagage@onediagage.com